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Pool Enclosures

Mansard Roof is the most common roof style in modern pool enclosures. It is sloped on the sides and flat on the top. Typically the roof height is about three and a half feet taller than the wall height, but dimensions will vary with site-specific design requirements.

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A Gable Roof is sloped on two sides up to a peak. This style was very popular in the early days of pool enclosures. Today we typically use this style to match an existing roof line on a house. It is also popular for Sunntuf roof systems.

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A Hip Roof is similar to a gable roof style, but sloped on all sides up to a peak. This style is useful in heavily-wooded areas where there are concerns about leaves and debris accumulating on the roof. We also use this style on enclosures that are too small for a mansard-style pool enclosure.

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A Dome Roof has an arched top. This style is mainly chosen for aesthetic purposes and works well on larger enclosures. It can also be a good solution for varying or complicated roof lines. Given enough space, a dome can allow for a lot of flexibility in the design – in fact, some of our most unique designs have incorporated a dome roof.

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Mansard Roof Examples

Gable Roof Examples

Hip Roof Examples

Dome Roof Examples

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